Het is stil in Amsterdam
my new book!

‘Het is stil in Amsterdam’ my new book will be published this year. Ten weeks  I’ve captured my lovely city during times of corona. It was surreal, emotional, but also a bless. Amsterdam is shining more the ever without the noise, crowd and traffic. The light is more stunning then ever, the birds are singing louder and citizens seem more happy.

My book will be an unique reflection of this impressive period in the lives of everyone. All photos are shot by iPhone 11 Pro max. Stay safe folks!


Photography workshops
in Amsterdam and worldwide

Annet has guided the rich and famous of the world. Even Apple’s CEO Tim Cook accompanied her on the canals of Amsterdam.

Annet awakes your imagination and shakes your observation. A personal challenge leads to better story telling photos out of the smartphone. Any film scenario imaginable, your life is a movie. You can capture and transform it any time, any place, with your camera.

We offer tours in Amsterdam and worldwide.


Corporate Workshops

Do you want your team to make photos with the smartphone which make a smashing impact? Do you want your social media platforms to be uplifted with high class editorials? Do you want to have more story telling in your company?

Annet gives corporate workshops and creative boosts all over the world. Smartphone is key. During an interactive workshop Annet challenges you and your team to make magic out of your smartphone.

Whether you are an insurance company or a non profit organization, we make a custom made program to shaken your business.

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iPhone portraits

Need strong iPhone portraits for your on- and offline presence? Annet captures your personality fast and differently with her iPhone. Let’s connect, have a laugh and discuss all possibilities.

Pose is overrated, let’s go for emotion

Annet is an extraordinary photographer with so much personality. Her suggestions and advice has helped improve the quality of my photos significantly. I strongly recommend Annet to anyone looking for a talented and knowledgeable photographer.

Coster Aurelian

I walked the streets of Saint-Tropez many many times, but with Annet a whole new city revealed. All the ordinary people turned into models playing a role in the scenario I created. Annet really is a honest mentor and inspiring person beyond the photo workshop.

Robin McHardy

My iPhone is my best friend. I always have it in my hand. In ten years time I never used any other camera.


My iPhone is my best friend. I always have it in my hand. In ten years time I never used any other camera.


Annet is the Vivian Maier of Amsterdam


Annet really is a honest mentor and inspiring person beyond the photo workshop

Robin McHardy

She is an extraordinary photographer with so much personality. Each picture captures a unique and distinct story

Coster Aurelian

10 years iPhone only, she must be an Apple junkie

Annet de Graaf, mother of Lulu and well known iPhone photographer

The iPhone way of photography is pure. I can capture moments before they pass; I never use any other camera. Life is hiding stories, like a miraculous book, I simply reveal the pages with my lens.

I had the privilege to show Tim Cook my Amsterdam on a boat trip. The news became a worldwide buzz. Wow! It was an inspiring meeting with the man who makes my work possible.

I love to inspire people. Whether it is in a business environment or on a one to one personal trip. Shaken not stirred is my motto in life. I challenge and push you or your team to the limit. An experience you will not easily forget. ;-)

All made with iPhone only? Yes!!

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TEDxAmsterdam presentation 2018

We’re a team!

I’m Chantal Peters and proud mother of Noah!

I guide successful women on their travel to more business. I’m really looking forward to support Annet. What a talent!

I will coordinate bookings, plan her business and negotiate with clients.  We will roll out a fantastic marketing campaign with a worldwide focus together.

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