Ik ben Nini

Made in ‘39 and alive ‘n kicking

It all started with friendship. Nini is the soulmate of my ex John. The three of us had dinners at her lovely soup table (she makes the best soups in town) and our conversations were always deep and funny.

In 2017 I asked Nini to be my muse after I captured her nude in front of a mirror for my Narcissus series. In all her vulnerability I’ve never met such disarmament and tenderness. We decided to celebrate life in front of the camera. Whether Nini lies down on a porsche in a dark parking garage or she crawls in the Rijksmuseum on the floor, there is never a script. Nini and I have the same approach: live in the moment and be always direct and fearless. That makes our creative process very short, easy and intense. The perfect match.

During the corona crisis we started to make small videos. We had to defeat the monster corona in our own way; make people happy, less anxious, by giving them a mirror. Nini has an ‘on’ and no ‘off’ switch. With her experience in life, her wisdom,her personal book full of stories she can talk for hours. And somehow, it all makes sense. It’s her charm, it’s her personality.

Our first corona video on Youtube went viral. The same day I’ve posted it, I received a phone call from SBS6, one of the dutch television channels. The day after Nini was broadcasted. A week later Al Jazeera called. Amazing!

Nini and I are overwhelmed with joy. Let’s conquer the world with our adventures.

Production: Annet de Graaf, iPhone photographer

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