Testing portrait mode in the Vondelpark

I am real happy with my new iPhone. The camera of the iPhone 7 plus is so much better then the iPhone 6. The new Portrait mode (still in beta) coming to iOS 10.1 is a perfect example of what the iPhone 7 Plus’s exclusive two-lens camera system can do.

As with the rest of the Camera app’s modes, Portrait aims to make things simple for the user. When you enable the mode, the view switches to the zoomed-in, 56mm-equivalent, 6.6mm “telephoto” lens, and the camera will attempt to detect your subject, and then if the lighting conditions are right, you’ll see a live preview that keeps your subject sharp while blurring the background with a lovely bokeh effect. A little label pops up on the screen to say “Depth Effect” so you know you’ve got it, and you’ll get a warning if there isn’t enough light. It works better outdoors—inside, the photos can get noisy if you don’t have plenty of light. (Source: Macworld)

I have decided to test the dual-lens camera outside in the Vondelpark, Amsterdam.

iPhone 7 plus dual-lens camera – plume

iPhone 7 plus dual-lens camera – plume II

iPhone 7 plus dual-lens camera – leaves

iPhone 7 plus dual-lens camera – leaves II

The results are stunning. The portrait mode is easy to use. You have to be in 2.5 meters distance from the object in focus. For moving objects (by wind) it is difficult. It causes blurry dark edges (picture 4)

Tip: Make sure you won’t fall in the water capturing plumes like I almost did! 😉

Now I can work on my portrait series with more possibilities. I’m curious already what’s coming next with the iPhone 8. Keep up the good work Apple!