Once upon a time there were Facebook, an iPhone photographer and a contemporary artist in Amsterdam. And there was the music of Philip Glass; an exciting art project was born.

The past two months Annet de Graaf, known as an iPhone photographer, went several times into the city with her earplugs in. Driven and inspired by Metamorphosis, a piano composition of Glass, she was drawn to the IJ river with it’s historical and modern infrastructure. The piano piece for her was about departure and home coming.

 Each photo lead to a drawing made by Tom van Campenhout (size 1 x 2 meters). He took his pencils and charcoal and struggled his way through the intense music and resist the rebellious paper.

During the whole process Facebook functioned as a virtual studio, a place where two complete strangers decided to commit themselves to an artistic process, unaware of the outcome.They shared their thoughts, struggle, their inspiration and hard labour. And the work had to be finished before the two creatives would meet in real life. Now that time has come.

Metamorphosis has been an exciting adventure, which resulted in five diptychs. These works of art need a stage! You are a gallery or art collector and interested in Metamorphosis part I to V? Mail us: annet@xhiby.com